Tuesday, October 2, 2012


love the embroidery on woodgrain fabric

cute etsy art print

i love these shoes....only $450

cool bracelets

cute gelato print

vegan taxidermy - this girl makes them from foam and crepe paper!


i love this batman print

cool skateboard

nested vases - you have to keep breaking them to reveal new shaped vases!

pretty table

simple palm drawing

cool kitchen

clever bike storage

Saturday, September 29, 2012


bear macaroons!

best dog costume ever!!!

foxes are in!!

meringue dipped strawberry and then torched!

cool wall~


cute mint accessories

ombre cakes!!

pie stuff

pineapple disco ball!

pretty wall

funny shiba inu haircut!

teal palette

i love everything in this!


from cupcake liners!!

cute hot air balloon idea~

diy mini ice cream cone stand! just need acrylic sheet, drill, and heat gun!!

cute lemonade jars!

cute washi tape!



apolis candle

cupcake sandwiches~

diy cupcake stand - I already downloaded the template!

cute tea box packaging!!

Friday, May 18, 2012


cool open kitchen..........

brownie roll ups....bake regular brownies, rolling pin between two wax paper, add frosting, and roll!!

cool camel and coral.....

fruit balloons - cute for a party!

ombre balls!

I need a leopard towel - so much chicer for wet hair!

cool nets and ball lights

cute idea - matte AND regular nailpolish to achieve effect!

cute pastel rings

cutest seal EVER!

cool simple work area

clever storage idea

another large scale photo as art idea....

Zero's next Halloween costume!a harness with a little rodeo guy on it!